A scheme helping drive investment into global conservation outcomes

Projects Registered

A number of Australian and International projects are undergoing feasibility scoping. To be eligible for validation as a NaturePlus™ Project, projects must first be registered and certified under the Accounting for Nature® Framework.

Project Issuing Credits

Once validated, under the NaturePlus™ Standard, project activities are reported on and verified before credits are issued.
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Credits issued

Each NaturePlus™ Credit represents one-hectare of measured and verified restoration or conservation of environmental condition.

NaturePlus™ is a new biodiversity credit scheme developed by GreenCollar, Australia’s foremost environmental market developer and investor. It informs and incentivises evidence-based decision-making for biodiversity by generating credits from projects that achieve positive impacts for nature.

NaturePlus™ applies a scientifically robust environmental accounting framework provided by Accounting for Nature® to benchmark, measure and
track environmental condition of native species and ecosystems on a global scale. By doing so NaturePlus™ enables voluntary investment in projects that continually demonstrate real, measurable and independently verified biodiversity outcomes.

Driving finance into positive biodiversity outcomes

According to a recent report by environmental consultancy Pollination, “biodiversity credit markets are increasingly being recognised as one mechanism that can drive financing into the protection, regeneration and stewardship of biodiversity.” In its report titled, State of the Voluntary Market: A global review of credit schemes, Pollination identifies four key design considerations that emerging credit schemes should incorporate and outlines six key areas of development over the next five years.
Read the report here.

Corporate investment and claims guidance

Businesses should be working to integrate nature into decision making, disclose their nature-related risk, and ultimately support a shift away from negative impact and towards nature-positive outcomes. We believe that biodiversity credits have a role to play in mitigating risk and delivering on nature-related commitments, and there is a clear distinction between biodiversity credits and compliance-based offsetting for biodiversity loss.

NaturePlus™ Project proponents, buyers and investors in biodiversity credits need to ensure any claims relating to their use are clear and accurate. To help potential investors understand the current biodiversity credit landscape, GreenCollar has co-authored a discussion paper with law firm  Gilbert + Tobin: Using and Making Claims About Biodiversity Credits: A Stocktake of Current Frameworks and Next Steps.

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